Flu/Kidney Problems Day Six - Not Eating


Six days, I’ve eaten one meal in the last three and less before. A rice krispie treat. A bite of pudding. A bowl of noodles on Friday. I had two potato skins with no potato in them yesterday (thank you, little brother). And water. My body had stopped being hungry altogether.

Understand that I am a big girl. I weight more than most men and I am usually happy with that. I eat multiple times a day. Since the flu kicked in Thursday, I haven’t been able to eat without getting nauseous. Since my kidneys flared up and started spitting out stones, I haven’t been able to eat at all. Now the want to eat is gone. I had some of my very best friends go, do you want to get fast food? Do you want to go to a restaurant? Every place I like to eat. Every junk food, healthy food, sugar I like, and all I could do was shake my head. The want of it is gone. I am in starvation mode.

I googled for alternatives for when you’ve lost all compulsion and want to eat—results? “How to stop yourself from being hungry” “how to lose weight by eating less” “quick weight loss tricks” and my favorite “binge eating”. I tried ten different searches with different key words. All the results were the same: Congratulations, fat girl. You’ve found the holy grail of losing weight by getting sick. Enjoy it. That’s all we want you to do anyway.

Useless. And demoralizing. But not helpful.

My mother, who struggles with having no appetite all the time, was more help. She said you don’t actually have to eat, you can go for days without food. The important part is nutrients. Real fruit juice, as much water as I can drink, as I’ve been doing. Protein shakes like (knock-off) Ensure to add calories. Not like I’ll die from losing weight, I can stand to drop some. But the longer I go without eating, the weaker I get. The weaker I get, the more sick I feel and the less I want to move. And the smaller the compulsion to even try to feed myself becomes.

Anyone have any advice? I don’t consider ‘force yourself to eat’ an option. I’ve been told a few times, I’ve tried, I get one piece of food in my mouth, spit it out and I end up back in bed or my chair, googling again. Something to try that will give me energy? Something to convince me?


Oh Boy. 

Yea… when your body is sick and hasnt eaten, it doesnt want to eat. Its like some weird, twisted Starvation Mode. It acts like its not going to get what it needs so it .. shuts down. . Which doesnt help at all.

I like to think that working at the hospital for years kinda gave me a few tips on what to do. I’m not a nurse, I know.. but I still learn! 

Momma’s right — As long as you keep your fluids up and nutrients in you can go for days without eating any solid food. But, its about getting those nutrients and trying to start up your body to want to eat  is the key. 

When mom needed extra protein and didnt eat much she would get the Carnation Breakfast Essentials [it comes in a powder], and mix it with milk and either Vanilla or Chocolate Ice cream for extra calories. It become like an Actual Milkshake for her. and when she wanted to try and “Eat” something she whould just stick it back in the freezer for a while and eat it with a spoon .

I would also try some of those “100% real fruit” juices like Naked and Odwalla. I dont drink them but I’ve heard co-workers and patients at the hospital swear up and down by them. 

 Hot Water with lemon and honey. 

 Green Tea is a plus for you right now. It helps boost your immune system and beat out infection.

Also, get your Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea. Another calorie-filled drink when you add milk and sugar. 

Get Stock. Veggie Stock Chicken Stock, Beef Stock, Pork Stock. Make different soups with them so you’re not bored. Maybe the different flavors will spark up your appetite for something else. 

And, of course, keep drinking your water. 

Vitamins to look into: B, C, D, and Zinc. You can probably buy store-brand bottles of them for cheap at pharmacies. 

If its sunny go sit outside for a little while. Sunshine gives bodies a good boost of Vitamin D, which is good for Kidneys. Take big breaths of fresh air. It helps drive your body want to flush the bad stuff out.

When you force yourself to move a little you give your body a jump start. I’m not saying to go and run a marathon. But, lift your legs up and down a little. Do some light weight lifting. Build your strength up. Doing this helps your body remind itself of its needs and helps your tummy and intestines start to move .

And, if you feel a little more energy, go for a walk . Maybe just in the back or front yard for a start. Walking helps blood circulate all over your body, including your tummy.

I hope this helps! If I learn anything else I’ll share it with you. Keep fighting the good fight, Xan-Pan! 




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